Went for car repair – ended up repairing car mechanics

Went for car repair – ended up repairing car mechanics

Fascia and Fascia treatment are interesting topics, but there are few people who are as excited as Hans Bohlin, CEO of Atlasbalans. He is always ready to passionately tell anyone about the latest in fascia research and treatment methods. Also he always brings a machine.

Being around Hans you should not be surprised if a spontaneous treatment session breaks out. Whether it is on vacation, at a restaurant, in an airplane, at the security check, on the golf course or while visiting the Grand Canyon. Hans is always ready, and it turns out there are people in need of help everywhere.

So when Hans went to the mechanics to repair the car the other day it was only natural that he ended up repairing the car mechanics…

Working as a car mechanic can be quite tough and physically strenuous. Tensions where common, but few of the 20 mechanics in this particular shop went to regular treatment – they hardly knew that the option existed.

As an entrepreneur it is crucial to seize opportunities and with the machine you can quickly demonstrate the effect of fascia treatment, getting new business in the process.

When the mechanics felt the effect of a 10 minute Swedish Fascia Vibes treatment, how it increased mobility, relaxation, eased those tensions they had gotten so used to – they were sold. Because if anyone knows the value of regular maintenance it is a car mechanic.

Hans called one of our therapists working close by and solved the details. The car was fixed, the mechanics bought their new maintenance package and a local therapists got some new business.

Not bad on a trip to the mechanic a Tuesday in May.

… and that Grand Canyon example was not a joke

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